How to Burn Fat Naturally and Simply

Before you set out to build muscle, you should first make sure that your body is in a state where your efforts in the gym will not be wasted. Body fat has a way of doing this by creating a layer between our skin and our underlying muscles. Therefore, the more body fat we have, the less visible our underlying muscles will be on the surface. Many people consider the process of burning fat to be very stressful. I felt the same way at first. It wasn’t until I decided to try a different approach that I began seeing results. Now, I will be completely honest with you, these results did not happen overnight and this definitely is not a “quick fat burning method”. These are simple, easy to follow steps on how to burn fat naturally that are meant to get you moving in the right direction and you can start implementing them as early as today. Sounds good? Let’s get started 🙂

Daytime Delights

Now I know we all love our pastries, me included! Cakes, muffins, donuts – the list goes on and on. The problem is, we are often eating these sweet delights at random hours throughout our day. We don’t have to give them up completely but we do need to be more conscious about when we are eating them. Here’s the logic – your body does a better job of digesting foods and burning excesses during the day when you are most active. Hence, it is ideal for weight loss to enjoy your pastries earlier in the day to allow adequate time for your body to break it down.

Walk it Off

Fingers Walking

Walking is one of the easiest (and most underrated) ways to lose weight. The great part about it is, you’re already doing it every day. All you have to do is add a little bit more to your daily regimen. Take the stairs when everyone else is getting on the escalator. Nice out? Spend an extra 10 minutes walking your dog or take a nice relaxing walk after dinner. These little changes go a long way with time. Remember, walking doesn’t have to be a workout, it can be a hobby. Have fun with it!

More Water

Glass of Water

Now I’m not going to ask you to drop all your favorite beverages and substitute them with water like most people would. That would be unfair to you. What I will ask you to do is to make an honest effort to add more water to your diet. Here’s an easy way to do it: Purchase a 24-ounce jug and fill it with water every morning. Set a goal to drink 2 full jugs each day. 48 ounces is more than half of the “doctor recommended” 8 cups. Honestly, I find 8 cups to be a bit much. I’d be running to the restroom way too much throughout the day. As long as you’re drinking the 24-ounce jug twice daily (which is equivalent to 6 cups), you’ll be fine. If you can drink even more, that’s even better!

Less Sugar

Coffee cup and spoon of sugar

Cutting down on sugar doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. Let’s take coffee for instance. Imagine adding 4 packs of sugar to your coffee every morning for a year. Now imagine deciding one morning that you will only add 1 pack of sugar from then on. Can you imagine what will happen next? You might keep it up for a few days but eventually, you will revert to your regular 4 packs. The problem with this method is that it shocks the system. You’re basically forcing your system to accept the change. In order for you to effectively cut down on your sugar intake, you must do it progressively. Cut it down to 3 packs. After few weeks, cut it down to 2 packs. Cutting down little by little will make the transition seamless.

“you have to feel a difference before you can see a difference”

As mentioned, this is not a “quick fat burning method”. Seeing results with these steps will take some time. The good news is, once you begin following these steps, you will immediately be leading a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Remember, you have to feel a difference before you can see a difference. Focus on one of these steps; master it and then move on to another step. This process will work the best once you are implementing each of these steps simultaneously. Just be sure to ease your way into it little by little. In this way, the changes will feel natural and will slowly become a part of your everyday life.

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