In the world of muscle building, it is widely known that supplements are very important. They impacting the rate and extent in which our muscles grow. Mostly everyone who is serious about muscle building is taking some kind of supplement. It is important to identify your needs before blindly going out and purchasing any random product because there are many different kinds which serve different purposes. Today, we will begin by identifying the different reasons for taking supplements which I have broken down into three sections. Then we will proceed by discussing some of the different options available to you.

Before the workout

Believe it or not, some people take supplements before they even begin working out. These are called pre-workout supplements and are most popular among people that visit the gym in the really early morning hours and those that go right after work. The reason for this is because most people feel groggy in the early morning hours and tired after work. Taking a pre-workout supplement accelerates your inner drive and improves your overall performance. The same way many people drink coffee in the morning to get ready for their day; others supply their bodies with a pre-workout supplement to get ready for their workout. Pre-workout supplements give you that boost you need to get started while supplying your body with the strength and energy it needs for you to get the most out of your workout.

During the workout

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Most people drink water while working out and with good reason; water is the ultimate thirst quencher! While this is a well-known fact, some people still opt for sports drinks instead and here’s why. Along with doing a good job of keeping your body hydrated during your workout, sports drinks can heighten your focus as well. It is also known to increasing the body’s stamina and energy level; helping you to bust out those last few reps. While it may not quench your thirst the same way that water does, it will keep you going while serving other functions in your body essential to your workout.

After the workout

Two things can be said about the way we feel after completing a good workout session; we feel very satisfied and very exhausted! While some people stop there, others take it one step further by following their workout with a post-workout supplement. When it comes to exercising, post-workout supplements are most popular in the realm of muscle building since it targets the muscles and promotes healthy growth. Post-workout supplements also repair and restore your muscle tissues in a much more efficient manner with the many healing properties it contains which ultimately leads to less muscle fatigue and faster recovery.

Now that you understand some the reasoning behind using supplements, we can move along to the supplements that are available to you; whey protein, creatine and glutamine.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is an excellent supplement and is most popular for its ability to help gain solid muscle mass over time. Unlike common supplements that usually fall under the pre or post-workout category, whey protein works best when taken throughout the day. Aside from promoting solid muscle mass and strength, whey protein has lots of other health benefits. To name a couple, whey protein can reduce inflammation as a result of its ability to lower blood levels. Also, being that whey protein shakes tend to be thick and very filling, it will reduce the need to eat as often hence promotes a lower calorie intake which in turn leads to weight loss. Overall, whey protein is a well balanced and effective dietary supplement. It comes in powder form with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors to choose from. The simplest and most common form of preparation for whey protein is to add it to a cup of milk which after mixed together, creates a tasty milkshake. Adding it to a fruit smoothie is the second most common form of preparation.

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Creatine is a supplement that everyone who is into muscle building knows about because of its powerful effects. This supplement has proven to significantly increase muscle bulk at a much faster rate than any other supplement. Creatine comes in powder form and should be mixed with water. It is most commonly used as a post-workout supplement with a variety of flavors available including grape, orange and fruit punch which are the most popular. Many people into muscle building use it to achieve their desired physique in a shorter period of time but there are other factors to consider before using this supplement. Creatine does not exactly build solid muscle mass, it rather “inflates” your muscles so long as you continue working out. If you were to ever stop working out for a long period of time, the muscle bulk that was packed on by creatine will vanish. Unlike whey protein which requires a longer time to take effect but when it finally does, the results are real.



Glutamine is the type of supplement that anyone can take and if you are into muscle building, it will benefit you even more. This is because the presence of glutamine is necessary in order for our bodies to produce what is known as the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Clearly identified by its name, HGH is responsible for muscle growth.  Something to understand is that our bodies naturally produce glutamine. That’s right; we all already have glutamine in our systems. The majority of it is found in our intestines since glutamine plays an important role in keeping our intestines clean and functioning properly. It is mainly employed as a post-workout supplement because of its unique ability to actually retain muscle tissues. This is why muscle builders flock to this supplement. It is also well known for maintaining a strong immune system and for promoting a healthy digestive system. It comes in powder form and can easily be mixed with juice or water. Glutamine is a truly remarkable supplement that serves a multitude of purposes so make sure to keep it on your radar.

“choose the one that is right for you”

Conclusively, supplements deliver a great deal of value in a variety of ways and there is something out there for everyone; literally. These are the three most commonly used supplements in the world of muscle building but that doesn’t mean that they are the only three. There are many options out there; just make sure you choose the one that is right for you. Everyone is different. Some people have allergies, some people don’t. What may work for one person may not work for another. Do your own research and be sure to consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

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6 thoughts on “Introduction to Supplements”

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing about supplements, I did not know that they have different supplements and that they work in this way. I myself have decided to return to the gym and what you are sharing here have really shade new light. Thanks for the breakdown of explaining how all of this works now I will certainly know how to choose.

    1. Yes, there are many supplements out there that deliver a variety of health and muscle building benefits. Take your time and find the one that is right for you. I am happy that you found this post to be helpful Norman. Thank you for your comment and Congrats on getting started again!

  2. Thank you for this vital information. I have been working out for quite some time now and I most certainly agree with you. I have been taking whey protein consistently and I do find that it has helped me gain solid muscle mass over time. I know a lot of people who are into working out and have just started; this site would be very beneficial to their health and success. With that being said, I will most definitely direct them here.

    1. Great choice Rob! Whey protein is surely one of the best options for muscle building. It is good to know that you found this to be helpful. Helping people reach their potential is my goal and I hope to help as many people as I can. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Even though I use to take supplements I never got into a good understanding of what they are, how to use them properly and if I really needed them. But I did see something recently which stated Vitamin C supplements are useful for promoting long term health. Do you know much about this and are there others that you recommend which promote the same kind of benefits?

    1. Hi Lyle,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, Vitamin C is indeed a powerhouse vitamin with a multitude of benefits. Vitamin C is mainly known for promoting long-term health because it induces the production of collagens in our systems which are responsible for healing everything from torn muscles to broken bones. On top of that, this vitamin is great for reducing the risk of a heart attack by lowering our cholesterol level.

      Fish Oil is also very important for maintaining good long-term health. It helps to maintain a clean and strong cardiovascular system (heart and blood) on top of many other benefits. Here is the link to the one that I personally take on a daily basis.  

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